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Invertech Corporation was incorporated in 1981 in Middletown, Ohio. Since its inception, Invertech Corporation has conducted research and analysis of manufacturing processes, both in practice and application, and recommended solutions to meet current and anticipated needs.  As a development house, we have created innovative and comprehensive business system software to increase efficiencies and lower costs.  Invertech clients have included, General Electric, Olan Mills, NCR, Turkish Air Force, Sherwin Williams, The US Air Force, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, National City Bank, Syracuse News Paper, and Amtrak.  

From online support to technical consultation Invertech Corporation is confident that its staff including Microsoft Certified Professionals will be able to provide you with help when you need it, and direction when in doubt. 

We over 25 years of experience, we are confident that Invertech Corporation is your ideal business partner now and in the future.






















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