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Invertech MRA® History© is a set of forecasting and sales analysis tools designed to collect store and analyze your host accounting software sales data. Using this critical data to examine, evaluate and predict your sales activity has never been easier. 

Your company relies on its historical sales data to pilot future growth activities. As one of the most important pieces of information your business possesses, you owe it to yourself to discover how Invertech MRA© can use this critical data to more efficiently plan for future sales of new and existing products, improve your overall decision making and maximize investments.

The Invertech MRA History© Utility is a collection, analysis and forecasting tool that imports and stores your historical sales activity from your host software, where it can be further analyzed and manipulated. Finally, there is an easy to use and understand software system that will help your company achieve its goals through better decision making, cost control and accurate planning. And amazingly it is all accomplished without replacing your existing software.

With the addition of the History & Forecasting Utility, Invertech MRA® will now allow companies to collect and analyze their historical sales activity, where it can then be used to:

  • More accurately anticipate and schedule purchasing and production activities

  • Plan for fluctuations in business trends

  • Prepare for new product releases

  • Eliminate shortages in inventory

  • Project future sales based on actual sales increases or decreases 

Once this data is accumulated in the Invertech MRA History© utility, it will be available for analysis and reporting until it is removed at the user’s discretion. By giving you complete control of the data collection and analysis process, this highly adaptable software gives you control over how your company data is utilized.


Powerful Data Management

  • Compare data in a multitude of ways allowing for every type of accounting period configuration

  • Calculate accurate demand projections to include with Invertech MRA Plus Lean Manufacturing procedures.

  • Automatically create sales forecasts to assist with material and capacity planning

  • Save time by automating the data collection and analysis process

  • Save money with the ability to create more accurate future sales projections

Quickly see the sales contribution each product generates for your business, using the results to create statistical forecasting for future sales. Forecasts can be automatically generated by the system based on a percentage increase/decrease from an existing analysis period, or created manually. Product optimization can then be realized accurately to determine which products will continue to be successful for your company in the future.

Create statistical forecasts with the Invertech MRA History utility quickly and accurately. This feature, normally reserved for more expensive software systems, will build a sales forecast by customer, item, item type or salesman displaying the results by month, quarter or year. Add a fixed percentage or fixed quantity to each product or let Invertech MRA History calculate your average sales quantities based on collected data.

Once generated, this information will be automatically transferred to the Sales Forecasting utility where it can be used to plan for future sales or analyzed by Invertech MRA.




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